Friday, August 05, 2011

Re-starting it all

Back from a short week of holidays in a lost Pyrenean valley, with my batteries conveniently re-charged... These vacation days, mostly spent at trekking from a mountain to the next one, visiting small towns or enjoying appetizing meals, have nevertheless deserved to us some unexpected unveilings, such as that one shown in the picture left: a nearly unknown monument to General Moragues, a Catalan hero of the War of Spanish Succession. This is set at the small park sorrounding the Town Hall of La Pobla de Segur, in Lower Pallars County (=Pallars Jussà). This was an emotive discovery, because there is only one commonly known monument to General Moragues -the one set at Sort, capital town of Upper Pallars County (=Pallars Sobirà).

It has come the time to re-start our Imagi-Nation's activity. Let me shortly explain in advance the main issues affecting our what-if Catalonia, which can be resumed as follows:

1) From the strategic/military point of view, we've started a new wargaming turn, the twelfth one, corresponding to the week of 2-8 October 1713. The turn resolution has brought to us the result of two possible battles, one of which can be refused by the weakest side, while at the second one there is no escape chance -and it will be a big battle, even bigger than that one of Vilafranca! Reports to be posted soon ;)

2) From the diplomatical/roleplaying side, we are to hold the third and last session of the adventures of Marquis de Vilana and Claire Baizanville in their secret journey from Monte-Cristo to Versailles in search of a separate peace with Louis XIV. RPG session to be likely held this weekend -or next week at most. Chronicles to be continued shortly, from the point where we had left it.

3) And finally, our third thrilling front is that one open at Vienna Court, where Lady Elisenda is about to be received by His Imperial Majesty Charles VI (read the last posting on this matter). What is He about to let her know about His plans on the Principality's future?

Wow, what an amount of work for just one single Summer season... and what a lot of fun! :D


Jeroen72 said...

He's back!


Salvador said...

Thanks God it will be a thrilling August me thinks!