Sunday, September 04, 2011

Re-arranging my life

Sorry for the huge delay. The end of August has come to remind me the unemplyment situation I'm currently living -some disarrengements to adjust, a daily calendar as if employed, and so.

In the process of creating a new future of my own, my first step has been starting to regularly set gaming and modelling stuff on sale at eBay. I've just started some 10-days auctions for a lot of aircraft model kits and accessories, as you can see through this link. Every week I'll be setting a new batch of model kits or figures, whose 10-days auctions will overlap with the pre-existing ones. I'll be selling at first aircraft model kits and gradually will be changing to 20mm or 15mm ground vehicles and miniatures, either unbuilt or built & painted.

My second step will be painting under commission. I humbly believe not to be that bad at this, as it can be judged through my personal painting blog (sorry it's in Catalan language only!), so that I honestly can expect some amount of work at it. I'm already working on a FoW British Rifle Company on comission, with a Medieval Catalan army waiting just behind...

Both activities are likely to give me some stability and self-confidence in the next months (if not astronomical earnings, for sure!), while I steadily keep preparing a thuird step: my projected miniatures company. Let me tell you in advance that this will most probably produce wargaming stuff related to the Catalan involvement at well-known wars: Spanish Civil War & WWII, War of the Spanish Succession (of course!!!), Napoleon's Era, Maximilian's Adventure & colonial, and so. Let me also say that I'll most probably essay hard plastic and multi-scale production too. At such an early stage (I'm currently still designing my first set, as well as discussing the two following ones), it would be plainly unwise to tell you anything else, so that please allow me a discrete silence for a while yet...

Let me now write a few words about my wargaming activities: in spite of the late lack of activity at Defiant Principality, you can be sure this gaming project is growing stronger every day. So strong and hungry has grown this child, that most likely it will finally canibalize some other gaming project I'd been keeping in the last times. Such is the case of my September 11th, 1714 Project, consisting of reproducing with a miniatures layout a Catalonian boardgame whose subject is the 1714 fall of Barcelona. I'm not going to discard the work done so far, I'm simply going to drop that project as it was, to integrate it into my currently stronger Defiant Principality gaming adventure. This means to me a huge economy in effort and time (I was getting literally bored with painting twice a very same regiment once and once again: one set for the Principality, the other set for the boardgame!). It was a waste of time, as I've gradually realized.

Allow me a couple of days to definitely adjust my daily life to the new situation, and then I'll re-start writing on this blog -we still have to give an end to a gaming turn, after an already reported sound Catalan/Galatan victory!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I wish you much good fortune with all of your new projects.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Most sincere wishes, Lluis!

Cheers and regards,

Jeroen72 said...

What above gentlemen said :)

All the best from the Dutch Republic ;))


Adelaide Gamer said...

Good luck!

Soldadets said...

My most sincere gratefulness for your support, Gents ;)

Rittmeister Krefeld said...

What a fantastic plan! I am jealous! :) per cert, viu a Barcelona també i caldria preguntar si hay algun club de Wargaming per aqui que sapegis. Estic retornant al tema despres de molts anys de siguir-ho per blogs com el teu, que te fet me ha inspirat a retornar al meu hobby.

Soldadets said...

Hi Rittmeister!

Where are you from? Are you living in Barcelona now? If so, you're lucky if searching for gaming mates, because that city holds one of the biggest gaming clubs all around Spain: it's "Alpha-ARES", whose website is

BTW, I've been taking a glance at your 18th century gaming blog, It looks as if you were running a particular Imagi-Nation, tightly related to Poland. Is your Imagi-Nation's time set at WSS, or later?

Rittmeister Krefeld said...

Hi Soldadets
Yes I am living in Barcelona since the last 6 years. I'm from New Zealand (via Luxembourg of all things).

Yes I am starting an Imagination based on Poland. After some research I had decided that the most interesting point of inflection, one where you can do the most change would be either after the death of Jan Sobieski 1696, or with the crowning of Stanislaw Poniatovski in 1764.

I decided to start in 1696 with the election of the new king. Now if as the dice seem to be pointing out, the new king is NOT Augustus of Saxony, will the GNW still be happening? With the Saxony-Poland combo out of the historical Alliance would the attack on Sweden still happen? Would Saxony and Russia atack Poland... or would there be peace for Poland (What a terrible result for a wargamning blog! hehe)
Anyway I hope to continue with the project soon as I have made some progress offline in organizing the different thoughts a bit. Thanks for the link to the wargames society, will check them out on their next "open day".

Soldadets said...

Herr Rittmeister,

Could you contact Alpha-ARES Club people?

BTW, a major gaming event is about to be held in Barcelona soon. Check my webzine for further details. It's a piece of news dating back from Sept 13th. Its title is "Jornades Alpha-ARES 2011".

Ugh... I forgot it's in Catalan language only. Er... let me know an e-mail address, and I'm translating it for you.

Best wishes,


Rittmeister Krefeld said...

Bon Dia Luís
Merci per la oferta de traducció!!Fortunadament no tinc cap problema amb entndre el catálà, tot i cuant ho escrui, semblà a tradució automatica ;) (o pitjor! jeje)
I have seen the gaming event and want to be there for that day. I haven't contacted them as yet, but will do so soon. I think the even itself is open to all comers, no?

Esteve (Stephan)