Thursday, September 08, 2011

Renewed determination

On the Spanish side, 5th October 1713

After the honourable after-battle arrangament agreed at Montblanc town, the exhausted column of General Vallejo was granted retreat towards Tarragona city, where they met the huge army recently evacuated from Sicily. On their side, the small force defending Cervera town took advantage on the confident approach towards them of the Catalan column lead by Marquis of Poal, and discretely withdrew 1 hex westwards -no pursuit attempt was made by the Catalans, satisfied enough at the prospective of releasing Cervera without even a single shot.

"Twelve weeks pitifully lost", the new Spanish commander Marquis of Aitona thought. After all those twelve weeks, the front line had barely moved de facto from their positions at Summer start. Even worst, the Spanish armies had been soundly beaten several times in the open, so that moral of Spanish field captains was below a minimum acceptable level. It was to be a hard task to recover their traditional impetus, that legendary arrojo distinguishing Spanish arms all over Europe for past centuries...

However, Marquis of Aitona was still confident to turn the tide, thanks to the huge amount of reinforcements ordered by His Majesty in their help, gathered from all around the Empire -some of which, still in their way through Aragon roads.

Now he was prepared to kick hard the rebels and force them back into their lairs before Autumn came to an end.

He was determined to.

He needed to.


abdul666 said...

Marquis of Aitona may hope that, like during a match of American wrestling, the 'bad guy' seems to get the upper hand first, then the 'good guy' eventually wins. But war is not a well rehearsed show, all outcomes remain possible, if not all equally likely. Galatan diplomacy has better to be successful.

Btw, is the town of Lleida in Castillan-controlled territory? How many Galatan presos there?

Regarding our travelers, Claire knows that the Presipality has an ('officially officious', of course) trade attache / consul at Lyon, to trade at the most favorable rates Monte-Cristan exports for the best products of the Silk City. This honourable and respectable merchant, Christ du Pylore, lives in the Croix-Rousse, the heart of the silk industry, on the hill over Lyon, with his wife Synovie and his clerk Jesus Franco. Synovie (née du Bocson) is a gentle, pleasant, shyly smiling middle-aged woman well-liked by all the housewives of the neighbourhood. The upper-class ones sometimes frown upon the sympathy for the canuts, the underpaid silk weavers, she expresses and sometimes put to print in Mes epanchements, the local bulletin she publishes regularly; but she is very good at writing obituaries, and for some reason people in Lyon are avid readers of obituaries. Thus everybody willingly forgives that little oddity, and this other one: she keeps pigeons in her attic. Nobody would imagine that during her daring youth she was an Operative of the dread Monte-Cristan BSN!
In short, the Presipapal Palace send her by carrier pigeons many reports of the military events in Galatea, of the rising star of the House of Montcada among Philip's cronies, and of the ambush at Carniola and its outcomes -together with not so diplomatic comments and expressed suspicions.
For sure Marquis de Vilana feels depressingly cut off from the world during the journey. Claire knows that when (and if) they reach Lyon she'll be able to update her (and the Marquis') information.

Soldadets said...


Glad to read from you again!

For sure Marquis of Aitona is persuaded to be 'the good guy', the one who kept loyalty towards his true King while most of his nationals rallied under the Grand Alliance banners...

Lleida is under Castilian control and is, as a matter of fact, where they have set their HQ for this campaign. Their side has been incapable to take any prisoners so far, so that their wet dungeons remain still pitifully empty... :D

On the other hand, several hundreds of Spanish soldiers are kept prisoners by the Galatans in Montjuïc castle (Barcelona). Besides, one of their highest rank officer is also in jail, waiting for his future/fate to be decided...

Quite an amazing story, that of Mme. Synovie... Have for sure that our associated RPG Master has already been acknowledged about her existance! ;)

True, I ought to update Marquis de Vilana and Claire's adventures... a new chronicle following soon, I promise :S

Marc said...

Ideed. Mme Synovie could be a very interesting Non Player Character. It's alway good to have one of them in hand, as a source of information... or as a new and twisted way to put the main characters in problems. Hmmmm... Although I'm afraid that Marquis de Vilana have had enough, for the moment ;)