Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advice needed

I've just posted at the TMP 18th century Imagi-Nations Board a demand for help and/or advice about a planned trip, which can be found here: Advice needed.

Any contribution would be welcome --especially, some info about any Imagi-Nation the travelling personality would eventually visit, as well as any exciting idea/suggestion you have in mind.



tidders said...

Looks the route would take you through 'The Kingdom of' Wittenberg, the King would of course be most pleased to receive any high ranking visitors - suitable notice required; an escort through the Kingdom would be provided.

(I can do some piccies of visit to the palace etc)

-- Allan

Soldadets said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for both information and offer. As soon as I have better outlined the travelling retinue, I'll write to you again providing all those details required by the Sovereign Authorities of Wittenberg.

Once all ready, a formal diplomatic communication will be delivered to EvE blogsite --although I'll let you know before.

Thanks a lot!


Rittmeister Krefeld said...

I would offer Poland, with a trip through Krakow to Danzig, and by sea to the Seine and Paris. The nobles of poland would fight for the chance to escort just a beautyful and important figure, and with polish horses pulling the coach she will literally fly to Danzig.of course it would be nice to meet and have a business negotiation on buying some miquelet muskets from our catalan friends :D

Soldadets said...


Quite a tempting offer! Lady Elisenda (admittedly, I should get accustomed to calling her "Her Highness" from now on) would be most pleased in visiting Poland, as soon as her Imagi-Nation's dramatic urgence allows her... If done right now, she would by no means enjoy the visit, pressed as she is by the need to arrive in Paris.

However, Her Highness has let me know her willingness in visiting Poland just after duties at Versailles are conveniently accomplished...

Rittmeister Krefeld said...

I quite understand the urgency of her highnesses travels to Versailles. But there maybe other motives to visiting Poland.
I do hope that her highness is aware of the fact that her status as head of beleaguered Republic, surrounded by powerful autocratic neighbours, as well as her obvious feminine charms would easily impassion the nobles of the Republic of Poland to provide a pulk(regiment) or 2 of highly skilled lancers, to aid in the defence of a sister Republic. Maybe even just a visit to Krakow would suffice? ;)

Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm and his wife took a Grand Tour of most the imiginations and were warmly welcomed. The tour is posted on the Beerstein site. Best regards and please do visit our realm...

Soldadets said...

Stephan, is the scene just posted responding to your suggestions?

Bill, if Princess Elisenda finally agrees visiting Poland, Reich Ducky of Beerstein lies half way from Vienna, isn't it? ;)

Rittmeister Krefeld said...

yes sounds great! theoretically the GNW would by then over, or not have happened at all. Polish would have been able to stabilize and recover somewhat economically. an alliance with the Habsburgs, although always viewed with suspicion could be cemented by a common enemy - Turkey. In fact in 1683 they fought together successfully in front of vienna.

I guess the envoy/Embassador, would be there to possibly envision a alliance against the turks, and know that you have your back to the west or east resepectively covered by a friend or at least neutral power.