Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Still around

Apologies for the delay in posting news of my Defiant Principality. I've been quite busy lately, due to a couple of issues having filled most of my time.

The first one is related to my projected miniatures company. Yes I keep working around it, and I believe some first results are to come at a not too long term. I'm currently working on corporate image along with a Catalan company of inspiring name: Arkham Studios. Alongside to this, we've also started designing our first miniatures (either human and vehicles), one of which is quite close to production stage.

I'm still worried about eventual future fundings. Not necessary to explain how difficult would be obtaining a loan from a Bank or Savings bank to-day, if I needed it at some stage. Wish I find a formula allowing me to avoid such eventual future issue, such is my main concern.

...and the second one is that my gaming mate and I have finally agreed a conversion pattern for the Orders of Battle (Two Crowns' and Catalan/Galatan) of our current 1713-1714 campaign to the new ruleset we're going to follow from now on: Beneath the Lily Banners. This ruleset is primarily intended for 28mm gaming, but we play 15mm instead, so that unit sizes and measurements scale had to be adapted. Our second trouble was agreeing a few rules adaptions to the special features of WSS Peninsular warfare (Miquelets and Catalan Cavalry, mainly). Well, it looks quite good.

Now we should get a couple of tests of it... That would require some boosting of our campaign, of course. This has been kept 'frozen' while awaiting the aftermath of Marquis de Vilana's troubled jorney. In the end, it seems that I should speed up my storytelling... If I want it to run, it's me who must run it... *Sigh*


abdul666 said...

Best wishes, my friend!

As to running the storytelling, please don't 'summarize' too much! We greatly enjoy your reports, and would be disappointed with a 'reader's digest' (though of course you can give us the details later, if it is more convenient to you).

Salvador said...

I agree; you can always work the details in the future, we'll be happy to learn them then. It's like seeing again a film you like. You can see it even knowing how it ends, just for the fun in it.
Also most of luck for your enterprise!