Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nothing to hide

Schönbrunn, 6th October 1713

--Sometimes you scare me, Elisabeth.

Elisabeth Christine turned to her husband with a set of feigned surprise on face and sweetly asked: --Why are you saying so, my dear husband?

--For your role in the appointment of Elisenda, Charles answered.

The young emperor's attitude was serious but by no means recriminatory, and this greatly relieved Elisabeth Christine, who had been fearing an angry reaction of her husband. --Charles, the ultimate decision was yours, after all.


Archduke Charles kept silence and watched through the window. Outside, close to the Neptune Fountain, princess Elisenda was amicably talking with a handful of personalities who seemed as if couldn't do enough for her. Charles forced his sight to recognize who these lords were: oh yes, that one at left was the legate of Wittenberg, that other openly laughing was the recently arrived Syldavian Ambassador Petr Kotrimanic --who had performed a so signified role at the rescue of Lady Elisenda, while the third one was...

He raised his eyebrows in surprise: the Ambassador of Poland, of course!

...War in Spain had made him put aside Central European affairs for some time --a diplomatical imbalance he had to correct with no delay. Frederick Augustus of Saxony had increasingly bothered him lately, not to say about Prussia. He ought to take care again on those umpredictable neighbours. If he only could strengthen links to Poland and, by this, to set a counterweight to the increasing involvement of both Electorates in that kingdom... provided the ever conflictive Silesian issue was successfully avoided... He devoted a moment to memorizing he ought to talk later with Elisenda about that.

Elisabet Christine approached to the window too --but her eyes only could see Elisenda, and Charles noticed it: --Elisabeth, you're totally wrong.

She turned again, this time sincerely surprised: --What do you mean?

--There is nothing between Elisenda and me. She is my best friend, and her friendship comforts me. True. However, there is nothing I should hide, nothing you should be jealous of. Remember that once you professed that same love for her, too. What has made your mind change so radically?

Elisabeth Christine blushed. She was going to reply, but her eyes welled with tears.

--I know --he continued-- We have no children yet, true. So what? you actually believe I'm starting to seek solace in other arms for this? No I won't, Elisabeth. Absolutely not.

Elizabeth groaned and threw herself into the arms of the Archduke, weeping quietly.

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