Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Engagement at sea AAR

Balearic Sea, 15th October 1713

[Here you are an AAR of the naval engagement happened this turn in front of Tarragona shores, selflessly proxy played for us by Jeroen72. He has also had the extreme kindness to deliver me his AAR under form of a really thrilling and fun narration, although with no pictures. So that I've thought it better keeping his original writing --with only the exception of replacing the quotation marks normative in English for delimiting dialogues. I've used double slashes instead, as usually done in Romanesque languages. Please excuse me for this oddity, I've done it for consistence with the rest of my blog entries. Lots of thanks to Jeroen72 again for his help and brilliant narration!]

--Deck there! Sails fine off the larbord bow!!

On the Nostra Donna de Montserrat deck, the small cluster of officers standing on the quarterdeck looked or moved in the indicated direction.

--That must the convoy we heard about, Sir --one junior officer said.

--9 transports!! 1 galley escorting!!

Rumors had been circulating that the Spanish were preparing a convoy destined for Tarragona and when they had intercepted a small fishing vessel a few days ago rumors proved to be true. Now they had found them.

--Deck there! Not one, but two galleys!!

When they looked again they saw the second galley appear from the rear of the convoy.

--Hrrrrmph! It's getting better and better by the minute. --it was Captain Ferret who spoke now.

They saw a small puff of smoke coming from the first galley.

--Transports are taking in sail, Sir...

--I'm guessing they want to keep the convoy together.

--Galleys are taking their sails in too, Sir...

Captain Ferret nodded: --Prepare for battle gentlemen...and may god preserve us all...

The enemy vessels were slowly approaching, along each side of them the oars were lifting and falling rhythmically. The effect was perfectly beautiful. They lay low in the water, immensely long for their beam. Their bows blazed with gilding. From the bows of each galley guns pointed straight forward in the direction the galleys moved, the only thing marring their appearence.

--They make a fine looking pair, Sir!

--Hrrrrmph! Indeed they do!

--Carthagena’s their usual station, Sir.

--Yes, Yes... and now they're here...Two of them indeed! That will even things up a bit, i think...

Suddenly a cloud of smoke obscured the first galley... and a second later the second galley fired too...

--Bloody hell! --Captain Ferret exclaimed-- That’s a bloody big gun they have forward. That’s a lot bigger than we’ve got!

--We’re still out of range, sir --his lieutenant quietly said-- But closing fast now.

Again the first galley fired, her shots hitting hard. Through the smoke he saw the foremast of the "Donna" slowly fall and crash onto the foreship. With shock he saw men and guns being crushed and buried by debris, some of them screaming horribly, others lying still in puddles of blood.

--We haven’t fired a shot yet…We aren't firing..we aren't firing, Why aren’t we firing...? --Captain Ferret shouted as loud and fiercely as he was able to: --FIRE!!!

The broadside of the "Donna" was ragged but still powerful. He felt the guns discharge and the hull tremble, a cloud of smoke billowed up....

--Keep pouring it into them lads!!

When the smoke cleared he saw the damage they had done. The once beautiful galley looked in a horrible shape, bodies littering her deck, her oars shattered, blood running down her sides and her main guns dismounted. Captain Ferret shouted to them:

--Surrender!? Haul down your flag!

Some on board of the galley raised their muskets and shouted their defiance, but another with a cooler head tore down their flag and shouted back: --Yes! Yes! "Nos rendimos!"

More screaming, firing, metal shrieking across the deck and shots hitting brought his thoughts back him to the other galley. When he looked around saw the second galley turn and fire, shots again hitting .

--LOOK OUT SIR! --someone shouted... Too late, Captain Ferret felt a firm push in his back and... He woke up in his cabin, raised his head and saw his servant bustling around and putting away some papers.

--What happened?

--You’re awake, Sir? Wait a minute, Sir. I’ll get the lieutenant he can explain these thing much better than I’m able to...

Two minutes later his lieutenant entered the cabin.

--So, What happened??

--Well, Sir... You’ve been quite lucky. When the galley fired her shot tore away a large part of the aft mast. You would have been crushed or at least seriously wounded if someone hadn’t pushed you out of the way. Now you’ve got an ugly bump on the head.

--What happened to the other galley??

--We pounded her like the first one BUT she wouldn't surrender... We had to sink her... Nasty business in the end, Sir...

--And the convoy?

--When they saw the fight was lost they tried to leg it but a few shots across their bows stopped that silliness. We have all of them. We've won and we’re sailing to Barcelona, Sir --his face lightening up.

--Hrrrrmph! Indeed we have...


Bluebear Jeff said...

A nice account. Thank you.

-- Jeff

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Clearly a well fought engagement.

Capt Bill said...

Naval engagements always warm the heart of this pld sea dog...

Jeroen72 said...

Many thanks for all the kind words sirs :)

*dofts tricorne*