Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heavy rainstorms

All fronts, 17th October 1713

Our 14th campaigning week has started with an extremely bad weather. Heavy courtains of rainwater are ceaselessly falling all week through, not only filling up river beds but making them to overflow with violence and flooding over fields and built-up areas. Roads have become quagmires if flat, and crazy torrents if sloping. As a result, all military movements of both sides have had to be cancelled this week.

Also, extremely rough sea has forced ships to remain anchored in safe harbours, or hurriedly seeking a convenient refuge if patrolling open waters; so that the two British volunteer battalions just arrived in Majorca, for instance, have had no other chance than giving up from sailing to Catalonia --where so needed they were.

A forced immobility spreads all over the front while men and horses seek the best shelter they can against the water hell unleashed upon their heads.


abdul666 said...

Heavy rainstorms here don't slow down diplomacy there: would favor the Principality, of which the future depends on the race between diplomatic exchanges and military actions.

Soldadets said...

...as Marquis de Vilana has suddenly realized, as you can see through the post above! ;)