Saturday, January 07, 2012

Some of a problem

I'll be having some of a problem in the next weeks. The military campaign giving life to this weblog is risking to be stopped for a while. The reason is that my gaming mate Jordi won't be able to pay all the attention he'd wish to it, because his wife is close to having their second child (my most sincere congratulations, Jordi!!).

It wouldn't be that of a problem for me, if the current turn had not produced 3 battles.

The first one is a quite conventional field battle with small, balanced forces: two Dragoons squadrons per side, of the very same quality, armament and size. The only significant differerence between them is that the Spanish force is accompanied by a General. Terrain has already been selected and I must say it seems quite appropriate for a cavalry clash: mostly flat with one or two low hills, besides of one or two small farms, a small forest, a cereal field (already harvested I'd say, for it's October) and a narrow, likely fordable stream.

The second one is a urban fight. Population of a large town under Two Crowns occupation (Lleida) has just revolted against the garrison. This is a somehow more complex scenario, likely better to be played with single-based figures using a "fast & furious" skirmish ruleset. The town itself is tightly encased between a major river and a steep hill with a modern fortress on top. So steep are the hill slopes, and so close is fortress to town, that there is no possible inter-action between them (I mean, there's no angle enough for the fortress defenders to shoot directly at town and inversely). I imagine a purely urban scenario where, after gaining the City Hall, the armed mob will try to control two key places else: a streets crossroads leading to the fortress main gate, and a bridge over the river along with the bridgehead bastion --where the main road to Barcelona starts from. Garrison targets would be the same. Forces are slightly favourable to insurgents in numbers, but widely favourable to the garrison in terms of quality.

The third one is a small naval battle. A 3-masted Catalan corsair has intercepted a Spanish convoy in their way to Tarragona harbour. That convoy would consist of some 3-4 cargo ships, either unarmed or very lightly armed --1-2 xebecs and 1-2 brigantines. Their escort would be 1-2 large 2-masted galleys with up to 3 cannons at bow and some minor pieces at sides and stern.

I can assume a solo resolution of one of these battles, but not all of them three. And I wouldn't like to indefinitely halt the campaign until Jordi is available again.

Please might anyone carry with any of these battles, or at least acknowledge me of any fast, non-miniatures resolution method for them? If the first case, appropriate maps, briefings, OOBs and so would be delivered, of course. In exchange, I only beg to be sent some briefing and picture on the fight.

Thanks in advance!


Salvador said...

You having the minis and terrain, some chaps at could be interested(Desvalls, Albert, myself, maybe Phead too), to help you play out those engagements.
We could even look for some place to game in...
With a little help from you on the rules me thinks it could be done quickly enough.

Soldadets said...

Salvador, I'd love meeting you and your friends! Beers and cokes too? Write to me at soldadets [at] wargames [dot] cat --or even call me at (+34) 938.921.025.

abdul666 said...

You may reach a wider audience by posting on 'EvE' -Murdock e.g. is generally inclined to play proxy battles- or even on the TMP ImagiNations board?

Soldadets said...

You're probably right, Jean-Louis. Only that I thought it should be posted at my own blog first.

Thanks for the suggestion ;)

MurdocK said...

Jean Louis, I am here, not as many tricorne horse as I used to have.

I could still take a look at what is requested and see if my boys could take a shot at it.


Jeroen72 said...

I'm willing to do the naval battle. I can promise you a thrilling story ;)but can't you pictures though :(

Soldadets said...


I play with 15mm miniatures and have them based at battalion level, so that by using them I'd have 4 pityful stands per side on tabletop. I haven't got figures enough to re-scale forces at, let's say, company level (a likely solution in other circumstances).

This is why I'm asking for someone with a larger Horse miniatures collection to fight the battle in my place.


Both forces are balanced in size, and both consist solely of Dragoons, with similar quality, weaponry and tactics:

1) On the Galatan/Catalan side, a two-squadron regiment at 100% strength.

2) On the Hispannic/Spanish side, a two-squadron regiment too. One of such squadrons is at 100%, the other one at approx. 2/3 strength.

Along with it, there are the remnants of a 2nd Hispannic regiment squadron, at 1/3 strength.

(If you chose merging these remnants to the 2st regiment 2nd squadron, you'd then have it at 100% strength, then)

3) The Galatan force is lead by the regiment's Colonel, while the Hispannic one has a Brigadier General in charge besides of the compulsory regimental leaders. This is the main unbalance between both armies. Brigadier's command rating is Average, while those of the rest of officers should be randomly determined.


If willing to give it a try, please let me know, and I'll send you a complete report including map, weather and whatever you need.

Soldadets said...

Jeroen72, glad to know!

What kind of briefing would you need for your setup?

Jeroen72 said...

Hmm, the convoy would convoy would be some 3-4 cargo ships, either unarmed or very lightly armed, 1-2xebecs and 1-2 brigantines

Escort: two standard galleys?? You mention large galleys but i don't think you mean galleasses??

The catalan ship is a upgraded merchantman i believe??

Ermm..what i want to know...

Sailing direction, wind direction (maybe type of weather), crew qualities, behaviour of the merchantmen during or afer the fighting, such things :)

MurdocK said...

sounds good, I'll take what you can send me.

I have more than enough to do the game in 25mm Napoleonics, so French and Russians will have to do, though I suppose I could sub in some British or central European powers Light Dragoons for the Spanish...

Expect plenty of pictures and a blow by blow account in an AAR!

Get the data to me fast and I could do it on Saturday the 14th.