Saturday, February 18, 2012

A bigger battalion

After the adoption of Beneath the Lily Banners as our main gaming ruleset, it had become compulsory for me to adapt our Army to the 18 figures prescribed, from the originary 9-figures size I had built them --following the Principles of War system.

Well, this picture shows a first result of such adaption work.

More pictures of the so favoured regiment (no other than IR1 General Deputation) showing it at its new full strength can be watched at this article of my own painting blog,

Still quite far from the big battalions style many of you do favour --as far as their 15mm scale is, I'd say. However, I must honestly admit this Regiment looks now superb in its new increased size. If not a big battalions fan yet, now I'm definitely against the small battalions kept so far. For sure!


Will Scarvie said...

Very nice indeed! May I ask what vendor those figures are from?

It's difficult to be sure, but are you using a gloss varnish? I'm using 15mm as well, but haven't started painting my figures yet. I'm considering using a gloss varnish to get the "old school" toy soldier effect, but I'm not sure how it will work on these small scale figures.

Soldadets said...

Hi Will,

Are you running an EvE ImagiNation too? If such a case, which one?

I'm actually using matt varnish, but do apply to my miniatures a double layer of it, so that their final look seems almost glossy --it's not that glossy at all; it's only that I'm rather poor at picture taking!!

I'd rather recommend you to apply a double-layer matt varnish as I do, although I'd admit it's just a matter of taste!

As for figures themselves, up to 15 of them are Dixon, 2 are Roundway (sold by Navwar) and 1 is Warrior. Roundway ones are the halberd-armed sergeant in second rank, and the loading private in first rank (the top right one at the picture). Warrior one is the moustache soldier charging second by the right.

Archduke Piccolo said...

The mix seems to work! The beauty of this system is that you can always, if you have the need of a big battle, or are pushed for space, revert to the 9-figure battalion...

Will Scarvie said...

I am indeed. Two imagi-nations, in fact. The project is just beginning, but some information can be found on the project blog here:

Thanks for the information on the miniature vendors. My collection is made up mainly of Jeff Valent's "Washington's Wars" line and Blue Moon Miniatures figures, with a few units of Old Glory as well. None are painted yet...I'm working on getting enough figures trimmed and cleaned to begin the first batch.

Soldadets said...

Ion, I do believe it too. I've chosen to use movement trays for handling ease, keeping the old basing system though. This has the advantage of allowing me to re-use those very same miniatures with other gaming systems, even (with some restriction) for skirmish gaming!

Will, I'm eagerly awaiting your news on eventual painting as well as pictures, for I do not know Jeff Valent's or Old Glory Marlburian ranges! I've already used soome Blue Moon's, I'll be posting some pictures on them soon.

Justin Penwith said...

You know, all you need to do to conform to BLB is to assume that the three figure stands represent six figures, and the mark of casualties on the roster.

Not that having 18 figure battalions is a bad thing, but do not let the smaller battalions prevent you from playing a full game.

I am using BLB in my own imag-nations campaign. It is an excellent ruleset.

Soldadets said...

You've caught me! ...all what I actually wanted was painting still more and more miniatures!! :D

Will Scarvie said...

Ah. I should mention that my campaign is set a little later in time, during the mid-eighteenth century. So, contemporary with the Seven Years War. The Jeff Valent figures I'm using are intended for the American Revolution, but the tricorns are pointed enough, and the tails on the coats long enough, to serve well for my purposes. The Old Glory figures I'm using are a mix of Seven Years War figures and, for Formulgalan (i.e. Russian) irregulars, Napoleonic Russian Militia and Cossacks.