Monday, February 13, 2012

On the move again

All fronts, 23th October 1713

With the end of bad weather, Spanish armies start moving steadily and fast, thus anticipating Catalans' moves. All along the main front line, their big columns advance with confidence into contact with the enemy, while a few smaller detachment slip swiftly behind enemy lines, with the aim to hamper their supply lines (if not interrupting them) and lead the Catalan rearguard into chaos.

Due to the heavy rainstorms that lasted all long preceding week, no news have arrived yet about the peasant rebellion at Lleida town. Just for case, the Spanish commander-in-chief Marquis of Aitona has ordered an infantry batallion to go in support of Lleida garrison from the neighbouring town of Flix. Additional moves in the Spanish rearguard are intended either for bringing newcoming units into first line, or to enforce recruitment of Tortosa and Flix locals.

War is closing to the Pyrenean counties too, for an infantry battalion just come from Aragon has got only a few miles away of Tremp town, where General Moragues stays leading a too small Mountain Fusiliers force.

Up to three possible big battles might happen this week then --depending on the Catalan reaction to these threatening Spanish moves. The fate of this still to-be-born Nation might be ultimately decided on the next few days.

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Jeroen72 said...

O dear...this is going be bad...

Lost the iniative and outnumbered..

Better do something quick or hope for a diplimatic solution.