Saturday, March 03, 2012

A dramatic November

1st week of November 1713

We have just started our campaign 16th turn, developing during the 1st week of November 1713. As it seems, it will be decisive to the survival of our yet-to-be-born Imagi-Nation, for a number of concurrent reasons.

As for the military campaign itself, Bourbon Spanish side has won initiative once again. And this time the provisions of the Spanish C-in-C Marquis of Aitona have taken the Catalan side by surprise. They probably expected the enemy would keep pushing along both main roads toward Barcelona. Nevertheless, the Spanish HQ have chosen massing their forces on one single point instead, by detaching 2 Spanish Guards battalions and Horse Guard from their northern column, who have joined the army already deployed at Montblanc under the overall command of Marquis of Aitona himself.

The rest of their northernmost column has remained encamped blocking a similarly sized Catalan army, while the southermost Spanish army has wisely withdrawn to safer positions closer to Tarragona town, thus deceiving the Catalan expectations to dragging them into battle at a favourable to them location.

Thanks to such manoeuvre, the Spaniards at Montblanc now are enjoying a force of 3 Horse Regiments (one of them, Guard), 8 Infantry battalions (two of which, Guard) and 3 Batteries (light, medium and heavy, one of each) against the defenders, who are currently numbering 2 Horse Regiments, 4 Infantry battalions (one of which, Guard), 3 Mountain Fusiliers battalions and one single, heavy battery. All the Spanish units enjoy 100% troops, while most of their enemies suffer some ranks depletion --some 5% casualties as an average.

Both armies enjoy 3 generals each. While the Catalan commanders show some reasonable degree of efficiency and co-ordination (General Bellver as is a good +1 supreme commander, while his subordinates Nebot and De Ramon are both considered as average +0, on a scale ranging from +2 to -1), the Spanish staff is quite of a mystery (while Marquis of Aitona is an exceptional +2 commander, their other two generals Torremayor and Carvajal haven't tested their skills on the field yet).

So that a big battle is about to happen at Montblanc town for the second time, just four weeks later to the first one. This is quite a dramatical situation for the Catalan army there, for they've been pinned by North and South at once, so they have no escape. They must win or die.

On the diplomatical front, peace conversations are about to start at Versailles, where Princess Elisenda and Marquis of Vilana will have to handle things under a severe psychological pressure. They don't know yet, but they should obtain their first results before the Montblanc battle happens, so that an eventually adverse battle aftermath catches the French irreversibly committed in a first handful of agreements.

Besides, there is also an unpredictable mystery event about to happen this week. We are quite uncertain about its eventual impact yet. It could certainly turn things for the Catalans to even worse --or contrarily would put an unexpected pressure on the French negotiating team, who are currently quite confident on their chances of binding up the Catalans under quite restrictive conditions... Let's wait and see.

Last but not least, things are also happening at Madrid, where the insatisfaction of Castilian aristocracy face to the Princesse des Ursins unlimited powers so far have grown to a critical level.

If told a couple of years ago, I'd have never believed so much of a thrilling story could be produced by running a wargaming campaign!


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Salvador said...

Just refuse a flank, do whatever necessary to make the Spanish attack on a narrow front (thinking about the what the Romans did to Boudicca's (vastly) numerical superiority.

Galatan line, supported by a heavy battery and screened by mountain fusileers, with a cavalry reserve, can make a battle very hard fot the Bourbons, even too hard.

Just my humble opinion, but you kno, I'm not a staff member, just a field officer. But a strong defensive position could delay the Spanish enough for our forces coming to relief (if a necessarily bold move from Barcelona swells up the reserves at Vilafranca).
I am really thrilled about your next moves...

Jordi said...

Salvador, It will be played and an Aide de Camp will be welcomed.

Salvador said...

Interesting, don't get to play these times... Place and time, msr.?

Soldadets said...

Not sure yet, Salvador. Likely at home, between March 17th and 23rd.