Sunday, March 25, 2012

Montblanc battle aftermath

Montblanc, 4th November 1713

After much arguing with his staff, the Spanish Commander-in-Chief Marquis of Aitona has decided to order a general withdrawal from Montblanc town. He has finally considered better to simply block roads and keep unsupplied the Catalan defenders, better than wasting a likely huge amount of lives in a massive street fighting through the streets of the town.

Casualties accounting have brought horrifying numbers for both sides: Catalan defenders suffered a total of 46 figures lost out from 136 involved, while the Spaniards lose 43 of the 189 figures launched in the attack. After the withdrawal, the Catalans were able to recover up to 1/3 of their initial loses, that is, some 15 figures.

In the end, this means that both sides suffered approximately a 23% of casualties. A really frightening number, especially for the Catalan side given their scarcity of new recruits sources.

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