Monday, March 12, 2012

Two battles in prospective

Montblanc, 1st November 1713

--No way out, Sire. All routes have been cut by the enemy --the Dragoon trooper was unable to avoid a disappointment expression on his face.

Apparently unperturbed, General Bellver responded: --Thanks, soldier. Go and rest.

Once the trooper had left the room, the officers inside looked at General Bellver expectantly. he simply nodded: --We cannot leave Montblanc town, gentlemen. The enemy is approaching fast from North and South alongside. So that there is no other chance, we must fight for our lives.

This time, Catalan headquarters had underestimated the Spanish army's capabilities. Persuaded as they were that the main Spanish attack would strike along the Tarragona-Barcelona road, a number of units had been given orders to hurriedly march toward Vilafranca town, where strong defences had been built. Catalan troops were still concentrating behind that enclave when it was known that General Bellver's army had been encircled at Montblanc.

Amidst the Pyrenees deep valleys, another battle was expected to happen in the next days. The Spanish column of Marquis of Bus and General Moragues' mountain fusiliers would fight for the possession of Tremp town. In spite of the small number of troops involved for both sides, the battle could easily decide in whose hands would fall the Pyrenean vaste resources.

All this, at the worst possible moment, while Princess Elisenda and Marquis of Vilana were coincidentally struggling for a peace with France. A military setback might be fatal to their efforts.

The Montblanc big battle will be fought next weekend, while date and gamers for the smaller one in Tremp are to be agreed yet.

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