Sunday, April 22, 2012

The escape (2): Fleeing from town

Lleida plains, some earlier (4th Nov. 1713)

It was dark night still when Pepon and Maurici stopped to observe the road bordering Segre river. Off the road there was a steep, broken area with a small forest in the vicinity, between a small hill and some rocky outcrops. All over the area some scattered shrubs could offer some protection.

Bourbon troops were distributed across the main road, cutting the way for our fugitives, symbolized by PEF markers (=Possible Enemy Forces) which an odd chance had got all them placed on the road itself --thus blocking our fugitives main route. The scenario offered pretty good areas to hide, but there were large blank areas too, that should be crossed in the open, at risk of a bad shot if they were discovered by the enemy.

Our protagonists are:
* Pepon, a
Miquelet reputed 4 (reputations ranging from 2 to 6) who also enjoys the fearless special characteristic;
* Maurici Madriguera, a soldier reputed 4, also enjoying fencing skills and high charisma;
* Maria Sauret, a female civilian reputed 4 who enjoys
melée bonus, and
* Josep Mallada, a male civilian reputed 2 with no extra skills

The fugitives decided to get out from the road and dodge Spanish patrols through open field. Chance would dictate whether they would be able to follow the roadside, or would be forced instead to enter the rocky broken terrain.

Taking advantage of a short period of Bourbon inactivity, the group try to reach the woods. If they succeeded, would have made half way without an incident. But of course, that much of luck would not last forever, so that a PEF got suddenly activated, taking the Catalans into their line of sight: a couple of Spanish soldiers on patrol emerged from behind bushes and asked them for the watchword. Pepon's rude answer echoed in the nightly silence: --Get fu**ed you and your frenchie king!!, just followed by a fast series of shots! The fugitives rushed into a rocky area, from where they started firing shot after shot until one of the soldiers fell badly hurt.

However, the shooting alerted the rest of PEF markers, which begun moving towards the fugitives and encircling them.

Just when they were about to get into the forest, a new PEF was revealed: two pro-Bourbon Miquelets who, alerted by the noise of battle, were trying to figure out what happened. Caught in the middle of plain, they were easily chased by our fugitives, who managed to kill one of them.

The Catalans then started a frantic race to the woods, with Pepon covering them --and risking being shot in turn by the surviving enemies. They reached their target just when a third PEF marker got revealed: six supplementary Spanish soldiers.

In the end, Maria Sauret and her friends had successfully evaded Spanish patrols --but the amount of active enemy soldiers forces our gamers to play a second scenario, under the significant title of "The Hunting".


tidders said...

great little game

-- Allan

Soldadets said...

Don't actually know which ruleset did they use for this game, but I find it quite funny --I'll have to ask them.

The continuation scenario is to be played today, so that I'll be delivered their corresponding AAR within this week.