Thursday, April 26, 2012

Negotiations: fifth round

Versailles, 8th November 1713

Once sorted the boundaries issue, negotiations with the French soon started to improve significantly their agility. Trade and customs agreements were committed, as well as the establishment of a fast Mail service linking Barcelona to Toulouse and Marseille, which would connect in turn with regular Couriers from these provincial capitals to Paris. Both would have a stop in Perpignan. Finally, both parties agreed to establish a procedure for the extradition of convicted criminals. It wasn't possible for the Catalan legacy to obtain an entirely free trade with French colonies in America --but somewhat reduced tax rates instead, which wasn't unimportant by any mean.

The French legacy made no further mention to the Roussillon issue for the rest of conversations, and this likely meant they had already made their choice face to the dilemma Princess Elisenda had posed to them. Such solution (or lack of solution to be precise) fitted pretty well to Marquis of Vilana's own provisions on the matter --for he had always asserted it was better not to sign anything than ratifying the Principality mutilation. Nevertheless, as logical as his reasonings might actually be, no less disappointing these were to Elisenda. Such deliberate undefinition from the French kept her deeply unhappy and frustrated, in spite of the undeniable successes the Catalan legation was achieving.

During those days, the personal situation of Princess Elisenda in Versailles experienced a radical change too. Replacing the rooms where she had been hitherto nearly confined, the Catalan Lady was hosted at a small yet comfortable pavilion close to Palace. Now that negotiations were nearly over, the princess had more spare time, although her above mentioned unhappiness prevented her from appropriately enjoying such new, privileged situation. Such unusual mood would extend still for a few days, until an unexpected event would change it all.

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