Friday, April 20, 2012

Two Crowns' moves

At every turn start, both players simultaneously write our orders (Jordi for Catalan side, myself for Two Crowns), naturally hidden to each other. We afterwards throw a die for determining that week's meteorology (which can affect movement) and in the end determine by dice who wins initiative. This way, every one's orders are written before knowing who's going to move first, or even how will climate affect your orders.

It was Catalan side who won initiative and moved first this week, so that a number of the initially provided Spanish manoeuvres have been blocked by them. Therefore, almost all my critical moves in the "hot" Montblanc area have been cancelled --except for one: a massed advance onto Montblanc itself, from the Army straightly at south of town, with large reinforcements from the two sorrounding columns.

This allows me to foresee an unavoidable 3rd battle in that area, because the Catalan defenders there have no retreat route at hand. Besides, they've started to go unsupplied... Quite of a drama in this battle, I'm afraid.

On the other hand, there is another possible major clash some miles at North, in the main Lleida-Barcelona road --where the Catalans have unexpectedly advanced into contact with the Spaniards. Marquis of Aitona had already augured such move as likely, but his own reinforcement column has been hampered by the sortie of a Catalan Horse regiment from Montblanc town, thus being temporarily cancelled its movement.

A third possible clash --certainly smaller than the former ones-- involves a detachment of Spanish Dragoons and Miquelets who have been caught by the Catalan Royal Guards. They can for sure evade the assault, but their escape routes are restricted by Fiona Mc Gregor's Regiment brave girls. Well, no problemo.

It's time for us now to complete the turn with stated actions of particular characters, eventual civilian uprisings where appliable, and ultimately determining which of those 3 possible combat situations do actually end up in open battles, or if there are any evasions instead. Stay tuned!


Salvador said...

I for one stay tuned!

Jeroen72 said...

Me too!

Though i have some reading up to do ;)