Sunday, May 20, 2012

The escape (3): The Hunt

Somewhere between Lleida and Balaguer, 9th November 1713

While the fighting was re-taken inside Lleida town...

...a small group of characters discreetly vanished away from town, through a marshy area next to Segre River.

Their pursuers intense shouting echoed close behind them (at a 2 turns distance).

The group moves between hills, with the intention to avoid too clear lines of sight to the Spanish soldiers on their pursuit.

Unfortunately, a second squad of Spanish soldiers emerges between them and their salvation. Our heroes are caught in a very bad situation.

After a first exchange of fire the Spanish commander falls badly hurt, but a lucky shot leaves Pepon knocked out too.

Maria Sauret bravely drags Pepon out of reach of the enemy. Fortunately, Pepon's wound is just a scratch.

Meanwhile, Madriguera takes a bold decision: he charges by surprise against the smaller enemy group, trusting on his own greater skills at close quarters to defeat them --or at least to purchase some time for his friends to escape.

Easily imaginable, it was far from a good idea. Madriguera pitifully wastes his surprise attack, and 3 enemy soldiers reduce him. Only a heroic luck spares him a deadly bayonet blow. He falls temporarily unconscious.

Maria and Pepon throw themselves out from cover in a desperate attempt to rescue Madriguera, with a pistol and musket respectively; but only the veteran miquelet succeedsd in hitting an enemy. Even worse... thanks to his years of experience, Pepon is able to reload in a record time, but Maria isn't that skillful, so that her pistol remains unloaded at the end of turn.

It's just now when Goddess Fortune finally smiles to the fugitives: suddenly, a handful of armed men emerge out of the bushes behind the Spanish soldiers and engage them by fire... deserters, thieves or fugitives, who are they? ...doesn't matter too much for, whoever they are, their timely apparition has just spared our heroes' lives...

The unexpected reinforcements take positions behind the ruins of some ancient buildings --which are told to date back to times of the Earthly Paradise...

The unknown allies stand face to the former Spanish group, who have finally got close enough for a last trial. One of those falls from a shot in the chest...

...But his sacrifice wasn't in vain for, thanks to this, our characters have managed to escape!

The manager of this proxy played adventure and us have agreed that Maria Sauret and her mates will now head northwards, to the town of Tremp where a contingent of Miquelets under General Moragues' command have recently cleared the area from enemies. We've been told that, once there, they will try to persuade the General to assist them in building a small guerrilla force, whose ultimate mission is far from known by us --for there is certainly some hidden intention in mind of Josep Cassay, the wealthy tradesman who is behind Maria Sauret's escape...

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