Sunday, May 06, 2012

Let's fight a bit else!

Catalonia, 8th November 1713

[Apologies for my last days silence. Some issues related to my projected miniatures company have got me too uneasy for keeping an adequate posting rythm --not to say about a far more pleasant business, this one related to our 25th wedding anniversary: my lovely wife conceived the briliant idea of presenting to me a weekend stay at a superb ***** hotel in Puigcerdà town, as a kind of second honeymoon... Just an advice, my friends: if given the opportunity, don't ever miss the chance of spending some days at the Catalonian Pyrenees --either side is fine, the (so far) Spanish one, or the French too...]

Well, let's get into matter again. Before my absence, we were immerse in a rather troubled campaign turn, with several possible field battles along with a proxy gamed swashbuckling adventure, where a local heroine had been released by a handful of patriots. In the meanwhile, a Catalan legacy headed by Princess Elisenda was dealing hard at Versailles a separate peace with France.

I'm in the sad duty to announce that the successful releasing of Maria Sauret, whose head as the leader of Lleida uprising was claimed by the Spaniards in exchange for a general pardon to the town's population, has brought an abrupt end of negociations. Urban fighting has been retaken, this time in a quite worse condition for the defenders, who must face a 1 : 2.5 ratio of forces.

On the other side, 2 of the 4 possible open field battles have been refused by one side or the other. This leaves to us 2 confirmed battle scenarios, one inside Montblanc town hex (the third one!) and another at an adjacent hex. While the first batlle can be considered a big one for this campaign's standards, the second one is easier to deal with: a Catalan Regiment of Horse (2 squadrons) will have to stand face to the attack of a Spanish force consisting of 2 battalions of Foot Guards and 2 Squadrons of Horse Guards. Quite a bad business for them, I'd say!

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