Monday, June 04, 2012


Montblanc, 11th November 1713

Standing close to the window of his austere desk, General Bellver looked as Colonel Amill entered the room. The man was unusually serious, and Bellver sensed it was due to the news about to be delivered: --What news are you bringing, Amill? Is it that serious?

The veteran colonel of Miquelets nodded briefly: --I am afraid so, Sir.

--Please tell me.

--Advancing along the road north, St. George's Cavalry has met the enemy at the crags between Solivella and Rocallaura. Lieutenant Colonel Comes has already prepared his troops in favorable terrain, but he does not trust to hold them for long, Sir. For his regiment is not complete while the enemy is composed of two full battalions of Spanish Guards, two squadrons of Horse Guards and a battery of artillery. Marquis of Aitona himself is commanding them, Sir.

Bellver nodded sorrily and, after a short silence, asked: --Are we in time for sending any counter-order to them?

--No longer, Sir. By now they've probably been engaged in fight.

A mousetrap. Bellver understood that Montblanc town had become a trap for all his army. Smiling sadly, he then said: --We can not send any help to them, because a second enemy army is already threatening us by south... Dear Amill, could you find out anything about it?

--We've got them nearly upon us, Sir; and they are even more than last week. One lucky observer has listed 3 cavalry regiments, 6 infantry battalions and two artillery batteries, one heavy.

Bellver leaned on the room wall, inevitably overwhelmed: --They're more than 3 to 1... And he got into a heavy silence. Amill remained respectfully silent for a while too, but concern ultimately beat him: --Ahem... Your orders, Sir?

--We are trapped, unable to escape. So we ought to prepare for a defense at all costs. Please call all colonels at Main Square, within a quarter of an hour. Oh, and...


--Those troops gone out for foraging... Send them an urgent mail. They must not try again Montblanc, they've nothing to do here. Order them to go and find the closest friendly Army.

Amill realized the severity of situation. He understood they'd have little chances of coming out alive from Montblanc.

[Both battles have already been fought this weekend by proxy. Illustrated AARs and aftermaths to be exposed shortly, either at MurdocK's MarauderS' website and here.]

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