Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nothing to do with all this, but...

I'd like to make an announcement, eleven months after being fired from the job I held for nearly 25 years. I'm proud, glad and excited to acknowledge to you all that my projected miniatures company is finally born and close to publish its first releasing.

The company has been christianized as Minairons miniatures --a name in behalf of the so-called mythical beings presumed to live in the Catalonian Pyrenees (mainly Andorra, Alt Urgell and Pallars), whose main morpohological feature is their tiny size: they're said to fit by thousands in a needles box.

What is this new company going to produce? Please read this TMP thread to know.

A web space has been already provided under the domain name of and is going to be built soon --as well as a weblog of its own, yet to be developed, under the name of A first generic e-mail address has also been created: info {at} minairons {dot} eu. Everything is already then for a new, risky --and therefore exciting-- adventure!


abdul666 said...

Best wishes!

Jeroen72 said...

Good luck to you!

Salvador said...

Tota la sort i més!!!!

Rittmeister Krefeld said...

Fantastic!This is exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing more!!!
All the best!

David said...

Good luck with the new venture.