Sunday, July 29, 2012

Side actions

Around La Panadella Heights, 16th November 1713

Alongside with their big column moves, this 3rd week of November both armies of this unbalanced war had performed some minor actions, two of which gave as a result the encounter of adversary troops.

(1) On the hills east of Montblanc, a small detachment of botifler Mountain Fusiliers suddenly met the whole of the Catalan elite regiment of Royal Guards. Badly outnumbered and likely outperformed if caught in battle, the detachment has wisely chosen to flee away from reach of their dreadful adversaries --do they are going back to their starting position on the road leading toward Tarragona city (which is south of map).

(2) Fleeing from Montblanc area, a Catalan column consisting of the battered remnants of 3 Mountain Fusiliers regiments sought refuge in Cervera town, that had been captured by friendly forces last week. To their despair, at their arrival in Cervera they not only found no friendly garrison, but also watched a Spanish cavalry force quickly advancing toward the town. Exhausted and demoralized, they've tried to avoid the upcoming clash by withdrawing, but have been easily chased in the process by the enemy Horse --the 2 full squadrons of Pignatelli Regiment, who have inflicted heavy losses on the routing force. Naturally, Cervera town has been retaken by the enemy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Parmesan cheese

Madrid, 15th November 1713

Finally back again to my beloved what-if Principality, just in time to unveil a secret meeting at King Philip's Real Alcázar palace...

King Philip held closely the portrait and examined it: --So, what is this lady like? --he seemed evidently pleased by the sight.

--Oh Your Majesty, Elisabeth Farnese is just a good Lombard girl, whose main concern is no ther than Parmesan cheese --the man standing in front of Him answered in a smile.

The Princesse des Ursins, who had just entered the room, watched the man with lenience. For his descriptions, the candidate princess was an inoffensive provincial girl who would be easy to manipulate at her own will --even easier than the sadly passed Maria Luisa of Savoy.

About the man himself, Giulio Alberoni seemed so eager to please the Spanish Court than wouldn't dare to interfere with her own influence. She felt self-assured enough to interrupt the men: --Apologies, Your Majesty. Have you already examined the Catalonia portfolio?

King Philip's expression changed abruptly: --Yes I did. So...?

--Your Majesty, there is no chance of turning things. King Louis has formally acknowledged that rebel Principality as an independant state, with countess Elisenda of Cardona as its Princess under His protection. King Louis would love Spain also followed their example and signed peace with Catalonia.

--There are no real implications behind... --king Philip started.

--Yes there are indeed, Your Majesty. Moreover if we take into account that the just enthroned King George of Britain has expressed his commitment in the issue. There are rumours that Marlborough will be appointed again as Supreme commander...

--There is actually an implicit threat that shouldn't be neglected, Your Majesty --Alberoni intervened.

--All right, Princess --the King abruptly cut them off--. Please summon the War Council for tomorrow. --And the Princess left the room, internally exultant.

Once she had left, Alberoni continued in a lower voice: --Far from neglecting the threat, if appropriately countered we could turn the tide against those pretentious rebels...

--You've caught my attention, Alberoni. Please tell me.