Sunday, July 29, 2012

Side actions

Around La Panadella Heights, 16th November 1713

Alongside with their big column moves, this 3rd week of November both armies of this unbalanced war had performed some minor actions, two of which gave as a result the encounter of adversary troops.

(1) On the hills east of Montblanc, a small detachment of botifler Mountain Fusiliers suddenly met the whole of the Catalan elite regiment of Royal Guards. Badly outnumbered and likely outperformed if caught in battle, the detachment has wisely chosen to flee away from reach of their dreadful adversaries --do they are going back to their starting position on the road leading toward Tarragona city (which is south of map).

(2) Fleeing from Montblanc area, a Catalan column consisting of the battered remnants of 3 Mountain Fusiliers regiments sought refuge in Cervera town, that had been captured by friendly forces last week. To their despair, at their arrival in Cervera they not only found no friendly garrison, but also watched a Spanish cavalry force quickly advancing toward the town. Exhausted and demoralized, they've tried to avoid the upcoming clash by withdrawing, but have been easily chased in the process by the enemy Horse --the 2 full squadrons of Pignatelli Regiment, who have inflicted heavy losses on the routing force. Naturally, Cervera town has been retaken by the enemy.

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