Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State of war

[My most sincere apologies for my incapability of keeping a regular pace at posting on this blog, I've been thrown into a frantic life lately --permanently fighting against the odds to carry on my projected miniatures company. Always afraid of what else can go wrong, or what else won't be finished as scheduled, or who else will deceive expectations... Hard to be a newly born enterpreneur amidst a wholly troubled country, if you know what I mean. Such frenzy has even affected my biorhythms --I had never before suffered from insomnia, but now it's becoming a habit. As a result of all this, the calm moments necessary to continue weaving my stories are becoming more and more hard to find. I'd love to keep the rythm and speed compulsory for keeping it all alive --but I'm afraid not to be able to. Still, I'll try!]

[On the other side, I must admit that in nowadays' Catalonia it has become difficult to abstract yourself from "real life" and imagine tortuous fictional storyboards, while that very same "real life" is in fact offering everyday lots of quite more thrilling and scaring stories... Looking no further, yesterday a Spanish Army Colonel demanded for Catalonia to be put under state of war ("estado de guerra", he literally said), to prevent our secession from Spain. If I'm not wrong, this is the third Spanish high officer claiming for military action against us Catalans since September 11th, our National Day --and no one in the Spanish Government has disavowed him yet. There's no chance of such becoming real, I believe, but it's still an effective war of nerves, for many of us are old enough to recall the frightening 1981 military putsch.]

["OK men", I should say, "let's extract ideas for our Imagi-Nations from the real life, then"... But, after a little thinking, I've plainly discarded it. There's too much surrealism in nowadays Spain's politics for a plot based on it to become likely. Better to keep our own, original storyboard. So that... allow me a few hours and I'll draw something for the story.]


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Wow... it certainly puts playing with toy soldiers in context!

Soldadets said...

Not that much, really... can't imagine the charme of a tabletop with toy soldiers only on a side! :D

Archduke Piccolo said...

Wow! We don't hear all that much about Spain's internal politics. We hear of the Basque independence movement from time to time, but that Catalonians harbour similar sentiments is much less well covered by our news media.

At that, I would scarcely have thought that Catalonians at large would be inclined to essay such a think by violent means, which suggests the Colonel's call for a 'State of War' (What we might call a 'State of Emergency' or perhaps a 'State of Martial Law') is rather an extreme response to a threat that exists largely in his imagination.

But what do I know about it?
All the best, dude. I hope when you get the time, you look at my suggestion for a Catalonian one-two strike against the encircling Spanish Army...

Ion A. Dowman

Salvador said...

Don't get nervous, keep your own pace, we'll keep waiting for your stories.

Really, I understand you as it is really difficult to explain the situation in Catalonia to people from other, civilized countries.

I mean, a person from the United Kingdom, after the arrangement with the Scottish government for a selfdetermination (read independence) referendum, can have some difficulty to understand why the Spanish government is so unable to talk it with the Catalan one.

Just say it is very far away from the civilized behaviour demonstrated by the British and very entrenched in an absolutist, tyrannical way of contemplating its subjects. Not really a democracy but in its name, you know, but more of an elective dictatorship.

Regarding the Defiant Principality, let's hope it can survive the coming invader flood until diplomatic action reinforces military one and freedom can be achieved without much bloodshed. Curiously a very alike situation to the real one if you think about it, except for the bloodshed (although as Soldadets pointed out, there are a good many people in the Spanish military and government who wouldn't be sad to get into it manu militari).

There is one thing everybody can do about this. Get informed and spread the word. We Catalans are a little country (7.5 milion people) but a nation nonetheless (born in the high middle ages at most, resisting the last 300 years against Spanish oppression). We need all the possible support from outside, moreover if it comes from kind, knowledgeable people such as wargamers can be.

Thank you!