Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back to normal... hopefully

Well, it seems that my newly born Minairons Miniatures one-man company hasn't started that bad, after all... Some retailers and distributors already committed, either at home and abroad, and a few else from overseas in the process... Isn't that bad, after just a few weeks of life!

So that, with gradually descending stress levels in my veins, I believe I'll be able to come back to normal --that is, to our shared hobby. In the way of becoming a self-employed man I've had to drop off from my dialy agenda most of the spare time I formerly had, certainly; so that now I can only paint during weekends, and must grab nightly moments for keeping the rest of my wargaming related activities...

Nevertheless, I'm confident that in not too much time I'll be able to regain an acceptable level of activity. So far, we've just started a new weekly turn of our 1713-1714 Catalonian Campaign. Orders have been dispatched, dice have been thrown. For the moment, it seems that this week of November 27 - December 3, 1713 will be a rainy one in Galatea. Let's see what happens now.