Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Gathering forces

Catalan HQ, 27th November 1713

Hurried by the growing threat of King Philip's armies, Catalan commanders moved fast in this last week of November 1713, so seemingly anticipating those of the enemy. This time, no daring manoeuvres have been performed, but a number of small moves aimed at gathering their so far dispersed forces around a few army cores: those defined, from South to North, by the Vilafranca-Bruc-Cardona edge of defence.

Meanwhile, Catalan forces in the northermost Pyrenean valleys have also experienced some concentration effect, mainly around Tremp town and Castellciutat fortress --whose garrison keeps being too small for such a large strongpoint, though. Concentration has also affected some units in the rearguard, as it can be seen on map; so it can be guessed that the Catalan High Command strongly believes that a major, decisive battle is about to happen before Winter comes.

There's one significant exception to this strategical chain of moves: early on Monday, a whole Squadron of Catalan Dragoons left Barcelona city with quite a particular mission: escorting all the French prisoners held so far toward the fortress of Hostalric --still in French hands.

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