Sunday, December 09, 2012

Preparing the thrust

Spanish HQ, 28th November 1713

Fears of Catalan HQ proved to be certain. Under command of their capable leader Marquis of Aitona, the Spanish army displaced a significant amount of troops to the northernmost edge of the Catalan line of defence, up to a threatening few miles east to the fortress of Cardona.

At the centre of the line, where to major armies were encamped facing to each other, Marquis of Aitona ordered two Horse units to perform a two-sides flanking manoeuvre around the Catalans. The move was performed with no incidence, so that at the end of day a full Cavalry Regiment had taken positions in the plains of Bages county --just behind the enemy. On the Catalan left flank, a merged Dragoons Regiment stood on the hills, patiently waiting for further orders too. Meanwhile, the southernmost standing Spanish army had apparently abandoned any real intentions to get into full contact with the enemy, limiting itself to a number of small supporting and probing manoeuvres.

At the Spanish rearguard, there was a significant action indeed. Bored with the Catalan Infantry regiment threatiningly stationed on the hills NW of Montblanc town, Marquis of Aitona ordered a merged Dragoons Regiment to drive them out, with the support of a Mountain Fusiliers Battalion. Besides, some companies of Lleida city garrison were hurriedly dispatched to Cervera town, with orders of cutting off an eventual Catalan withdrawal by that side. The trap had been locked.

On the French side, there was only one visible move: the Dragoons detachment escorting Catalan prisoners had arrived in Hostalric fortress --just in time to meet their Catalan counterpart.


abdul666 said...

Much Catalan hopes rest on diplomacy outrunning the military. Where currently is Her Highness Lisette? Is she aware of the tortuous 'diplomatic' initiative of Philip V? His later prestigious promotion under the Régence suggest that the French ambassador at Madrid was of the Orléans party -and the Régent to be *hates* Philippe (ex?) of Anjou.

Soldadets said...

Well, Princess Elisenda is about to get in trouble again.

She's still at Bayonne, where the ship carrying her entourage had been forced to anchor due to bad weather in the Bay of Biscay (

In the meanwhile, it's likely that the Atlantic fleet of Spain goes in alert after being warned about the Princess route (

So a lot of trouble is expected in Atlantic waters soon...