Thursday, January 10, 2013

Death on Sea

Bay of Biscay, 29th November 1713

It had happened a couple of times last week, before arriving to this point: a small two-masted ship flying an unknown ensign sailed surreptitiously from Bayonne and tried to delve onto the Bay of Biscay waters avoiding the fierce vigilance of Spanish warships –in alert following some confidential informations from Paris.

Every time, the brigantine had been discovered halfway from Fisterra, and then she had hurriedly fleed back to Bayonne with the ships of His Majesty closely pursuing her. And every time again, she had always managed to escape, forcing the way at gunpoint if needed. So far.

So far, but no longer. For this time he, Captain Menéndez in El Ferrol Fleet of His Majesty Philip V, had been smarter than the escapee brigantine crewmen, had blocked their wind and delivered to them a deadly full volley at close range. Now the ship was dying in flames while his own crew hanged all around in boats, seeking survivors.

Well, in fact they were seeking just one survivor, no more. A part from her, all the rest of eventual castaways were neglectable. Captain Menéndez thoughts were suddenly interrupted by loud voices: --Captain Sir! Here, Sir! We've found her!

--Is she alive? --the captain asked.

--By no means, Captain Sir! ...Damned if anybody could survive to this... --the sailor answered, looking at the pityful, horribly mutilated remains of who had been undoubtedly a young noblewoman. The broken corpse rocked shapelessly in the waves, so disgusting at the sight that no one had yet dared to hoist her aboard.


Rittmeister Krefeld said...

just one woman... so which one is sneeking through secret paths in the Pyrenees? :)

Archduke Piccolo said...

It's all looking very sad for the Catalans at the moment. Is there any coming back from here?

Jiminho said...

Oh ho - what a tragic twist. Could this really be Lady Elisenda? It is tough to be a heroine in one of Luis' stories. Where do the Catalans find hope on such as dark day?

Jeroen72 said...

Noooooooooooooo :o

Soldadets said...

Not that sad, my friends. You'll learn why pretty soon ;)