Saturday, March 23, 2013


Catalonia, 4th December 1713

As a prelude to the coming winter, the snow made early appearance in the first week of December 1713. Snowfall was abundant all through the country, blocking villages and roads even at sea level lands. Together with the previous week heavy rains, the accumulated snow hampered severely movement of troops and supplies all around --thus producing rather unexpected results on the respective military headquarters plans.

The Spanish Army managed to win the initiative, but some of their provided moves were aborted by the bad weather. Such was the case of Marquis of Bus at north, whose walloon regiment was caught by snow in the remote Pyrenean valleys between Tremp and Sort towns. Or that of Duke of Popoli, whose army was barely capable to get more than a few miles closer to the relatively unprotected fortress of Castellciutat, the main Catalan stronghold in the Pyrenees.

The daring attacking manoeuvre of Marquis of Aitona also suffered from some issues, such as the delay of a couple of battalions, that were unable to follow the main column path and had to spend the week in Igualada town. Nevertheless, most of the overall operation ran accordingly enough to the Spanish Commander-in-Chief provisions, so that the Catalan army standing ahead found itself attacked more or less simultaneously by:
  • 2 Horse Guards Squadrons, 2 Foot Guards Battalions, 7 Line Infantry Battalions and 2 Dragoons Squadrons by the front;
  • as well as 2 Line Cavalry Squadrons flanking them from the left,
  • and 2 Dragoons Squadrons did the same by the right.
  • Two artillery batteries were to provide the necessary fire support.

Meanwhile, odd news and rumors about the fate of Princess Elisenda began to circulate across the country --especially in Barcelona city, dedicately spread by fifth columnists and enemy agents. Besides, a small cutter flying Spanish flag had managed to sort out both bad weather and Catalan privateers, and anchored in Barcelona harbour carrying a personal message of King Philip V of Spain to the General Deputation President. This made rumours to increase alarmingly.


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