Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Escape (4): meeting the General

Tremp town, 1st December 1713

Curious, General Moragues watched critically at the picturesque group facing to him, who claimed to have escaped from Lleida revolt.

The girl was who lead the group --and she looked determined indeed: she had that kind of power that makes men obey. Although sweating abundantly, the little man to her side was not less determined when discussing about money --he'd refused once and once again to release his bag contents, suggesting instead for the War Board to finance their plans. The other two men in the group stated to be military --and that's what they looked like indeed.

It was the girl who spoke all the time, while the little man simply nodded. Consistently to their alleged status, the military said nothing but seemed to be willing to go anywhere that kind of fun was granted.

They (well, she in fact) stated to have money enough for raising an entire battalion of Miquelets, and asked him to grant them a license, under which they would perform under his command. Their plans were quite simple and effective: embarrassing the enemy rearguard and attack all supply convoys between Balaguer town and the Spanish vanguard at Ponts.

Although willing to trust on them, The General was aware that in such troubled times no complete trust could be granted to anyone. There was something suspicious about that proposal, he thought --but, at least, if conveniently directed it could help leading the enemy into some serious trouble. That would be more than enough to him.

--My dear Lady, are you suggesting you'd be able to have enemy communications cut between Balaguer and Ponts? --he asked.

She looked at him intently. The little man began sweating even more. One of the soldiers, a man that looked like an officer, bursted a kind of smile and answered: -- We'll do it if such are your orders. If you order anything else, we'll do that. The only thing I want is to win this damned war.

General Moragues kept silence for a moment while thinking. He was still doubtful, but there wasn't any room for formalities.

--The War Board would not authorize a new irregular battalion, but if you're willing to fight, and if you put the necessary means, I shall give you a permit to build a company that will perform under my orders. You'll have the mission to cut communications between Lleida and Ponts. On the understanding that you'll inform me of any eventuality, or oddity it might arise.