Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Escape (5): triumph in Tremp

Tremp town, 2nd December 1713

Inside Tremp town, news about the reappearance of local heroin Maria Sauret accompanying General Moragues spread across like a lightning. A crowd gathered in front of the Town Council Hall, demanding for them to be granted access into the town --that had been denied to all troops so far, with disregard of the side, in a naive attempt to keep neutral to all. Hardly pressed by the demonstration, the Major finally consented in allowing access to General Moragues troops.

The sagacious heroin still kept a further ace up her sleeve. Taking advantage of the popular expectation on the arrival of General Moragues' troops, she placed herself heading the column alongside to the General. Once the small army started marching across the town's main street, she suddenly unveiled a flag she had been keeping folded in her bag, and started flying it before the marching troops: it was the Saint Ignatius flag of Lleida City's Militia, preserved from king Philip's confiscation.

Attendants bursted in an unanimous roar, and a number of people joined General Moragues' troops in their march toward the Town Council Hall, as if determined to take it --either by the word, or the sword. Scared at the events, the Major hurried to meet the General and symbolically offered the town keys to him.

The only neutral town in the Principality had finally joined the cause as well.

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