Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ambush in the White

Gerri de la Sal, 6th December 1713

As fast as the thick snow layer allowed him, the scout hurried close to the high officer leading the column.

--We've got them, Sire! --he whispered while puffing--. Down there, in the valley.

General Moragues ordered his men to halt and keep silence, and then he followed the scout to the designed observation place, not far from there. The man was right: down in the valley a long military column winded northwards along the tortuous road, struggling with the snow to progress. He lifted his spyglass and watched. Several hundreds of infantrymen in pearl grey coats. Their flags were rolled around the staffs, but confusion was impossible. "Hum, it's the walloon battalion we had been reported. We've got them indeed, in the worst possible place for them".

--Any screen? --Moragues asked, still watching.

--Just a handful of men preceding the column a hundred yards. Nothing else, Sire. --the scout answered in a grimace.

"Crazy fools", General Moragues told to himself, while lowering the spyglass and looking at the mountainous landscape around. There was little else to watch, so they headed back to the column of Miquelets, who were patiently waiting in silence. Moragues then gathered his officers and simply said:

--I venture this to be a best place for an ambuscade. Wouldn't you agree, gentlemen?

[The unbalanced fighting suggested by this scene is a result of climate effect in our current gaming turn. North of the Principality, the march of a Walloon Infantry Regiment across the Pyrenean valleys has been suddenly cut off by the unexpected snow storm. This has allowed a less harrased battalion of Mountain Fusiliers to reach to them. As no scouting troops are accompanying the Walloons, they are very likely to be caught in a deadly ambush amidst the deep mountain valleys.]

[The gaming scenario itself might well be a narrow depression sorrounded by high mountain, such as the Noguera Pallaresa river valley in the vicinity of Gerri de la Sal town --which lies precisely half-way between Tremp and Sort hexes in our campaign map.]

[Such would be the first battle scenario of this current turn, then.]


ColCampbell50 said...

Great ppicture of the re-enactors, however the officer in the bright red appears to be bored with the whole thing. Or maybe he's upset that his fancy boots have gotten muddy.


Salvador Murlà Allué said...


The officer you talk about is a nice, friendly and cheerful guy. He was just acting in character and indeed keen on keeping himself the least muddy. I happened to be to the left of this image, leading the blue clad regiment from the rightmost position.

It was a rainy weekend and the field of battle was very muddy. Every time we stepped, on lifting the foot, almost a good two square feet of muddy ground got stuck on it. A difficult, clumsy, annoying march was it...

Three weeks from now the battle will be reenacted again. Hope for a better weather, I guess there will pccasionally be some picture of it in this blog. No, Lluís?


Soldadets said...

Wish you can get plenty of photos in Almansa, Salvador!!

Given the complicated nature of this particular gaming blog, with such a high proportion of story-telling, lots of pictures are needed for complimenting my narrations. Showing just photos of actual miniatures wouldn't be enough for this purpose, so that re-enacting reports have become most worthy to me.

Hopefully, showing only miniatures photos might become possible in a let's say far, far future...

Salvador said...

Sure. I'll try my best to get the most different pcs I can!