Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unexpected guest

Vielha, 13th December 1713

Seated on the old armchair own to his position as Síndic, or Chief Magistrate of Aran Valley, the old man observed attentively that couple of numb with cold young girls who were greedily devouring their bowls of òlha aranesa stew by the living room large fireplace. Despite the undeniable authenticity of the credentials he had been shown, he found it difficult to accept that a princess accustomed to the Europe's Courts luxury and étiquette might have ever had the thought of dropping herself in that remote valley by full December, with such a small entourage. He finally decided to test her:

--So, what are the intentions of... er... Your Highness?

The alluded girl stopped eating and remained silent, absorbed for a moment, before answering with astounding firmness:

--To rule my country in accordance to the mandate I've been entrusted, as well as the will of its people.

The bowl still warming her hands, the girl then paused intentionally before adding: --Such does imply this valley too, of course.

The Síndic got visibly alarmed at this: --What do you mean, Milady?

--Whenever Aranese people does consent, naturally --Princess Elisenda calmly responded, and she later added:

--If I remember correctly, on last June 400 years were met of the Querimònia, the Magna Carta ruling by Aranese people's own will their valley's relationship with the Crown. Maybe it is already time for renewing and updating such agreement, don't you believe?

The old magistrate stayed silent, shocked.

--Modern times, new challenges that can only be approached through wide, extended powers. This is what I firmly believe --Elisenda added mischeviously.

--For sure, Your Highness! --The Aranese magistrate enthusiastically answered --I shall gather the whole Conselh Generau (=General Council) right tomorrow in the morning, to formally celebrate the Fourth Centenary and hold a joint Session with Your Highness.


Salvador said...

Stayin' Alive!

abdul666 said...

Daring Elisenda the Bold!

Too bad the Holy Game of Poker was not invented yet (though its ancestor, Primero, is known since the 16th C.): she would have easily won Catalan independence playing cards with Philip V.

Nice image!

Btw you are surely aware of this thread?