Monday, December 23, 2013

Under pressure

El Bruc, 13th December 1713

--Any news from the rest of the Army?

Taken by surprise by the question abrupt tone, the aide-de-camp vacillated: --S-screen moves all long the front, Sire; j-just as your ordered.

Impatiently, Marquis of Aitona interrupted the assistant: --I give it for granted. I'm referring to Duke of Popoli's column.

--H-he keeps progressing with difficulty; melted snow has turned roads into mud everywhere, Sire.

--...Progressing still?

--He is progressing indeed, Sire.

The marquis dismissed the aide-de-camp in abrupt manner --and he immediately repented. "I'm being unfair to him, I shouldn't hold him as if responsible for this".

Finally alone, he plopped on a couch. He then glanced for the umpteenth time at the battlefield map on a wall. It was El Bruc battlefield, where goddess Fortune deprived him of a certain victory last week, transforming it into the certain threat of a new war of trenches. His captains were frightened by the remembrance of Prats de Rei battle two years ago --and such fear had begun inciting discontent among them. He was aware, but could do nothing to counter it... except winning the battle tomorrow.

He knew for sure. He ought to break the fierce Catalan defense at that point, or the entire campaign would be cut off. And his own reputation with it.


abdul666 said...

Where is Elisenda now?

Btw do Louis XIV Lettres Patentes give her some authority on French troops in the area?

Jordi said...

She is in Aran Valley, and no one knows if she is dead or alive. So Catalan side is a bit upset.

But stay tuned to your computer... Amazing news very soon.

Soldadets said...

Oh, I was about to answer too.

Allow me a new post in some minutes time, to update our story in few words.