Monday, April 25, 2016

Constitutions Oath

Barcelona, 6th March 1714

Princess Elisenda took advantage of a break in the Commons session for sitting in a quiet room and recap while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. The last days were being particularly stressful, not only for the endless and tense meetings with the French and Spanish delegates. Moreover, the political preparations for the investiture session had been quite exhausting too. The reason why was Her forecast oath of Catalonia's Constitutions, that had to be done prior to being solemnly crowned as Princess.

Since Middle Ages, it was a tradition that every new sovereign had to swear the Constitutions as a prerequisite to being crowned. The trick there was that the Commons used to take advantage of the opportunity for "updating" them --that is, for adding new rights and privileges proposals, that had to be negotiated by the new sovereign for obtaining the Parliament public support. And against all odds, negotiations were being harsh and rough.

Little trouble had Elisenda in gaining the full support of the Commons Military Arm, thanks to the joint efforts of Her many supporters there. Nor was too difficult to earn the Ecclesiastical Arm acquiescence, albeit in exchange for certain tax exemptions, as well as for granting to Tarragona and Urgell bishoprics political control of their respective Vegueries (=Shires). However, it was the Royal, or People's Arm under hegemony of the Busca Republicans, that proved more intransigent than expectable. Demands of Barcelona and Mataró Mayors were so distressing that Elisenda suspended negotiations with both; so that they retaliated by refusing to fund the infantry regiments traditionally belonging to them. The threat of a majority negative vote became ominously aparent.

However, tireless mediation of Her supporters was able to turn things around, adding to their ranges the Shires of Girona, Tortosa, Lleida and Berga in exchange for tax reductions; this allowed the Princess party to restore the balance between supporters and detractors. And last, Elisenda earned an ultimate majority vote thanks to a maneuver of Her own also securing the support of Manresa and Empordà Shires --in the latter case, after promising foundation of a Military Academy in Figueres.

Besides, several of the supporting Shires agreed to share the necessary fundings for the Army. An ultimate agreement was met in the end, so that Princess Elisenda had just sworn the renewed Constitutions and received the Parliament's approval. Coronation date had already been set for 21 March. She had succeeded, but felt now tired and discouraged.

Elisenda drained the cup from a last sip and stood up again. The Two Crowns Delegates would be already waiting for Her, probably. It would be wise not to let them wait.


abdul666 said...

Hello Lluis so GREAT to have you back and kicking!
I was visiting EvE (and TMP) only occasionally for some time and it was a very pleasant surprise to read your post on TMP. I'll follow the Principality also from my other blogger (G+) 'Pierre Albanès' account I open more often.
At a personal level I'm so glad you overcame your Real Life™ difficulties enough to have enough time and a mind no longer blocked by 'serious' worries to resurrect the Principality.
Best regards,

Pierre Albanès said...

Hello from my 'Real Life™ topics' blog :=)
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Soldadets said...

Glad to meet you again, Jean-Louis. Wish we are able to capture again attention and amusement from other gamers and readers :)