Monday, April 11, 2016

Post-war (2): The Principality emerges from Rastatt

According to our current fictional setup, Rastatt Treaty is finally signed on March 6, 1714 (just as historically happened), thereby confirming those general terms previously agreed among the Two Crowns, Britain and Netherland at Utrecht, except for one significant detail: following the Catalan military success described in my previous posting, combined with the clever diplomatic efforts concerted between Marquis of Vilana and Eugene of Savoy (this latter, also historical), our Defiant Principality formally becomes an independent nation recognized by all parties --although tied by a dense network of reciprocal guarantees between parties limiting the Principality external action, whose core strands are woven around Princess Elisenda herself.

By these, the Principality itself stands as fully sovereign in the person of Princess Elisenda, but she in turn is bond to King Louis XIV through the Viceroyalty upon Roussillon & Cerdagne counties She is appointed. Simultaneously, Emperor Charles VI also maintains a link to the Principality through the Majorca Viceroyalty Elisenda is too appointed by Him. The resulting balance of powers ensures some neutralization of the Principality to both parties, but it also allows the new Nation some safety degree face to King Philip V revengeful spirit. On the other hand, such undeniably dense and delicate network does satisfy European diplomacy needings, currently focused on guaranteeing the longest lasting peace possible... as long as current status quo is kept.

In addition to the Principality, Majorca and Roussillon as explained above, the other territory in our setting showing a status different from historical is Sardinia Kingdom. Such does not affect the sovereignty upon the island the Empire was historically granted; but to a formal commitment Elisenda extracted from Charles VI during Her visit to Vienna, by which Imperial viceroys in Sardinia would thereafter keep being Catalan subjects.

A further commitment envisages a significant reduction of the Catalan Army to be completed before Summer 1714, simultaneously to a Two Crowns escalated withdrawal from the Principality. Such massive demobilization will be our major challenge in the next few days --and this is to become one of the corner stones of the story to come.

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