Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post-war (and 4): Next game!

I would reveal no secret if I stated that Gibraltar was taken in 1704 by an Anglo-Dutch fleet on behalf of Archduke Charles Habsburg. By virtue of Utrecht Treaty (1713) it was agreed the enclave to come under British sovereignty, as most already know for sure. But, did you know that Gibraltar kept being ruled by an Austro-Catalan governor until 1719, when he was finally substituted? Besides, I've recently learnt that right after the rock conquest, a group of Catalan businessmen created there a West Indies trading company, that was christened as Companyia Nova de Gibraltar (1709). We're going to combine and cook at will both curious stories as a starting point for an epic adventure in the Spanish Main, starred by an audacious band of Catalan settlers. Such campaign will be mostly RPG driven, with some wargaming sideshow around. Still doubtful about what RPG ruleset to use --however, GURPS keeps being a likely candidate for the job.

While the RPG campaign is being gamed, we'll start studying a wargaming campaign centered in an eventual What-if Catalan intervention in the Ottoman-Venetian War (one that nobody in this Imagi-Nation setting suspects is going to start, of course). We're planning to use some kind of campaign management software for handling the intervention strategical level, perhaps Berthier. Regular battles will be fought using Beneath the Lily Banners for sure; or if skirmishes, an adaption of Games Workshop's LOTR, probably.

Naval encounters are likely to happen in both campaigns, so we're in the need to choose an appropriate ruleset for them. Galleys and Galleons from Ganesha Games maybe? In any case, it's likely for the RPG campaign above to last some time --enough for taking decisions on the wargaming one, I hope.

However, none of both campaigns is going to be the next game we shall play; for we ought first to face the challenge of reducing an already small army. And how should it be done, I wondered at first? Well, what I finally devised consists of... throwing lots of dice! (quite original, don't you believe?).

Accordingly to the terms imposed by Louis XIV, the 1713 Catalan Army had to be halved in strength. Having this in mind, then I decided to check every unit in the Army, to see how many men would consent being demobilized, as well as how many of them ought to be withdrawn as invalids. For doing so, I chose the test to be done by the individual figure --ignoring how many real men one figure stands for.

So, I would throw a D6 for every figure in the army and determine results according to the table below:

Will be demobilized every Regular Troops figure getting the following result:

  • Guards: 6
  • Veterans: 5, 6
  • Drilled: 4, 5, 6
  • Raw: 3, 4, 5, 6
As for Miquelets Mountain Fusiliers, we'll follow this other table instead:
  • Drilled: 5, 6
  • Raw: 4, 5, 6
Whatever the kind of figure, a die result of 1 will mean the figure must be retired as invalid.

Depending on how the overall results turn out, several alternative decisions ought to be taken: either disbanding entire regiments, re-forming others into 2-battalion units, or in some rare cases to create new units --such as an Invalids Regiment, for instance. In the next few days, I'll explain you how did it all run (for it has been already gamed), in an easy to digest story telling form.

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