Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Adventure begins

Palma town (Majorca), 11th March 1714

Having sailed from Barcelona with destination Gibraltar, Marquis of Vilana has taken advantage from a short stop in Palma harbour in Majorca, for visiting his friend Josep A. Boixadors Marquis of Rubí, who is currently Imperial Viceroy of the insular kingdom. Now they are calmly walking along the beach, while awaiting ship's departure.

At some stage of their walk, Rubí extracts a document from his pocket and handles it to Vilana: --By the way Ramon, I've just been delivered this --showing a wide smile on face.

Vilana takes the document and unfolds it, while asks: --Is it what I think? --he smiles too.

--It is indeed! His Imperial Majesty Charles VI has just commissioned me as Viceroy of Sardinia.

--This is really great news, Josep --Vilana answers--. So it means that Princess Elisenda's own commission for replacing you here is likely on the way too. When do you expect to travel to Sardinia?

Rubí thinks a moment before answering: --The soonest than I can, honestly. Along with Emperor Charles' own document, I have also been delivered a second letter; this one from the Viceroyalty Secretary urging me to take office at my soonest convenience, for unspecified reasons. I'm afraid not to be able to await Princess Elisenda's arrival and proceed adequately to her own taking over.

Vilana shrugs and simles: --Don't worry for Princess Elisenda's demeanour, she will know how to keep up. Actually, our dear Eli is exceeding our expectations at Her new job. And anyway, you have performed oustandingly as Viceroy of Majorca: neatly sound finances, social calm and a lot of defence works in due course. She will have to face little troubles to complete your work here, Ramon.

Marquis of Rubí smiles again and resumes the walk. --And you Ramon? What odd kind of diplomatic issue is awaiting you in Gibraltar?

--No diplomacy this time, but business --Vilana replies--. That affair I talked you about some weeks ago, do you remember? Are you still reluctant to get involved in it?

--Don't wait for me Ramon. Currently it would be too risky for me to make such an investment. Maybe later, once I start feeling comfortable in Sardinia. No one knows if my current savings will be needed in Sardinia more than in Gibraltar. Good luck with your venture --and he simply winks.

This is the real start of Adventure. Perhaps just one adventure, maybe two. Our starring character from now on will be the just introduced Marquis of Rubí, who is due to overtake the Viceroyalty of Sardinia on behalf of Emperor Charles --just as he historically did, only that a couple of years earlier.

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