Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elisenda I

Barcelona, 21st March 1714

For the coronation ceremony, it was chosen the barcelonese church of Santa Maria del Mar. This was an intentional choice, for it was the same emplacement used seven years ago by Archduke Charles. Ceremony was marked by austerity, for Princess Elisenda rejected any wealth ostentation in these post-war times, not to offend the people. Thus, her own princely crown was little more than a nice diadem, while the orbs globe she would hold on left hand during ceremony was made of gold plated copper. Not even her robes differed that much from those she used to wear in other circumstances.

The only important expense that Elisenda considered essential was the Royal Sword she ought to hold in the right hand, the legendary «Tisó» of James I the Conqueror. As the original Kings of Aragon ceremonial sword had long ago passed to thicken Spain's own Royal Treasury, Princess Elisenda ordered a most faithful copy to be forged in best steel and gold plated grip, to be well balanced too as if conceived for war. She was unwilling to hold just a jewel piece there but a perceivably powerful weapon, so as to convey among attendants a feeling of strength and determination --her own determination to preserve the Nation's regained independence.

Ceremony took place on March 21 in the morning as scheduled, with abundant presence of local authorities and common people –but enjoying very scarce attendance of foreign dignataries, even from the Holy Empire itself or other Allied Nations. Princess Elisenda could have grieved by such absences --but she didn't at all, for in fact she already expected such setback. The new Nation would be carefully tested and observed from now on, so that a long, solitary journey was expected from them for a while. Her people were alone, she was alone herself.

“Well, as the saying says, better off alone than in bad companies”, Princess Elisenda ironically thought. “No need to continually waste time in explanations for everything we do. And it's the time now to start doing the things by ourselves”.

(Official portrait of Princess Elisenda I)


Pierre Albanès said...

Previously Elisenda faced and weaved plots while living swashbuckling adventures.
As Robert E. Howard discovered when writing late stories of King Kull and Conan a sovereign can live personal adventures only if dethroned (The scarlet citadel, The hour of the Dragon = Conan the conqueror...) or - but for a very short time - is facing an attempt of assassination (The shadow kingdom, By this ax I rule, The phoenix on the sword) : I wish none of these to dear 'Lisette', even if this means she's restricted to plots :=)

Soldadets said...

Have for sure this is a shared wish, for she's become with time the main character of our Imagi-Nation --the one the most strongly personifying its will of survival :)

In the new post-war setting, she is the character whose decisions as a ruler will closely reflect my directives as game master - so in theory she is far from being in personal risk now.

As a matter of fact though, it's the players of my current game who might alter this overall setting, by means of the plots of their own each one has already started to develop - still fully unknown to everybody.