Saturday, July 16, 2016

New appointments

To all players, 29th March 1714

A circular has been delivered by Vienna to its embassies and foreign chancelleries, acknowledging of the following appointments by His Imperial Majesty Charles VI:

  • New Governor of Flanders and Milan: Prince Eugene of Savoy
  • Viceroy of Naples: Prince Wirich Philipp von Daun, replacing Carlo Borromeo Arese
  • Viceroy of Sardinia: Marquis Josep Antoni of Rubí, replacing Count Antoni Roger of Erill
  • Vicereyne of Majorca: Princess Elisenda of Catalonia, replacing Marquis Josep Antoni of Rubí

Such appointments pursuant the agreements of Rastatt, by which the forementioned territories fall into Imperial authority from now on.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Fealty or expropriation (2)

Madrid, 27th March 1714

--Have I well understood, marquis? --says King Philip V, staring at Marquis of Aitona with a disgrunted expression-- Do you mean to be asking for my permission, for you to pay homage to that "so-called" princess Elisenda?

Visibly uncomfortable, Marquis of Aitona gazes intensely to Giulio Alberoni in a silent plea for help; but the by-then bishop remains unmoved and silent.

--Ehem... --starts the marquis-- As Your Majesty probably knows, most of my possessions fall within the Principality of Catalonia boundaries; not just the marquisate of Aitona itself is affected, but also the county of Osona, the viscounties of Cabrera and Bas, as well as several minor baronies belonging to my lineage... Princess Elisenda has formally requested my fealty for these, as this document certifies...

Timidly, the marquis handles the mentioned document to king Philip. But He refuses to take it, as if contaminated it was. Otherwise, the king answers haughtily:

--No marquis, by no means. I shall not give my consent to it. And I urge you to ignore the pretentious missive of this rebel and slick woman, on behalf of the due loyalty to your true Sovereign.

Desolate, the marquis manages to look impassive while he bows and leaves the room. It's now when Bishop Alberoni finally breaks his silence and softly asks: --Your Majesty, would You mind to listen a surely profitable suggestion?