Saturday, July 16, 2016

New appointments

To all players, 29th March 1714

A circular has been delivered by Vienna to its embassies and foreign chancelleries, acknowledging of the following appointments by His Imperial Majesty Charles VI:

  • New Governor of Flanders and Milan: Prince Eugene of Savoy
  • Viceroy of Naples: Prince Wirich Philipp von Daun, replacing Carlo Borromeo Arese
  • Viceroy of Sardinia: Marquis Josep Antoni of Rubí, replacing Count Antoni Roger of Erill
  • Vicereyne of Majorca: Princess Elisenda of Catalonia, replacing Marquis Josep Antoni of Rubí

Such appointments pursuant the agreements of Rastatt, by which the forementioned territories fall into Imperial authority from now on.


Pierre Albanès said...

Meaning that Majorca is ± associated with France through the person of Elisenda ?

Soldadets said...

Well, Majorca is certainly one of the two links by which the Main Powers diplomacy want to ensure political stability around Catalonia (considered as a "hot point" likely to focus future tensions).

One of these two political links is Majorca --that historically was held by Imperial forces until 1715. By appointing Elisenda as her vicereine replacing the historical character of Marquis of Rubí, Archduke Charles keeps the young princess linked to Him by due fealty.

Louis XIV is going to perform the same manoeuvre in the next days (as agreed in our what-if setting treaties), but using Roussillon county --that will be transformed into a French viceroyalty with Elisenda as vicereine too.

One of the main challenges our dear Lisette will have to face in the next weeks consists precisely on how diversely she will be welcome in Perpignan --and how she manages to sort out eventual conflicts that might arise there.