Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Slowdown there? By no means!

A long, specially hot Summer is coming to an end at last... While players of our current 1714 what-if setting enjoyed their holidays, I had to remain stuck to Minairons miniatures --a self employee never rests, you know. So that I decided to take some advantage of this calm August for finishing up some much needed projects. One of these is my WSS Austro-Catalan Artillery, that has finally been completed with the some much needed limbers:

By late Spring I had the idea of purchasing some ready painted pieces for such limbers, rather than buying and painting new models. I then discarded to waste time (and spend money!) seeking them on eBay, but decided to give a try to Hinds figures Ltd instead --and I'm very happy for having done so! We agreed to trade a number of WSS infantry, guns, limbers, gabions and carts in exchange for some Republican Roman and Carthaginian units I wanted to get rid of. Limbers and carried guns in the pictures above come from such exchange. I just had to repaint in yellow what had been originally in red, and give some final touches to horses.

As for deployed guns themselves, I currently already had three of them from various makes --with Roundway and Minifigs crews, as you can see. The one in the middle is a heavy cannon, flanked by its right by a light gun. The other one is medium sized, so that it was used in our previous 1713 campaign alternatively as a light or heavy cannon, depending on needings.

My Austro-Catalan artillery is completed by a siege or fortress set consisting of four heavy cannons from Peter Pig. Again, crewmen are a more or less consistent mix of Minifigs, Roundway and Essex figures. I've never had the need to use these artilleries yet, happily enough!

I'm about to complete a similar set of Bourbon Spanish artilleries. I hope to have them completed and depicted before my current game players are fully back from holidays!

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Pierre Albanès said...

A very nice ordinance - army ordinance !
Always great to have you back in line,