Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Vicereyne

Palma, 6th April 1714

After having left the Marquis of Vilana as Her lieutenant during Her absence, earlier in this week Princess Elisenda journeyed to Majorca island, with the aim to chair as Vicereyne of this insular kingdom on behalf of Emperor Charles --thus replacing the Marquis of Rubí, who has just taken charge in turn of the Viceroyalty of Sardinia.

Once in the island, Princess Elisenda deployed an intense activity in all fronts, covering not just protocolary and administrative affairs, but also learning firsthand some other aspects of Majorcan economy and self-defence. Before the week had come to an end, She had already taken some important decisions on various subjects. Her very first decree not just renewed the so-called Gran i General Consell --an assembly of the Majorcan representatives in the Catalan Parliament--, but increased its powers too. "from now on, Majorcans are'nt going to be ruled by the same Monarch as Catalans; so that, despite still sharing the shelter of our common Constitutions and Parliament, there will be in the future matters that will compete to Majorcans solely and their relationship with the Emperor their monarch --and we Catalans shouldn't meddle unless required" --she argued.

In defence matters, Princess Elisenda appointed Pere F. Pisà, who was a trusted local officer, as the new General in Chief of the small army garrisoning the kingdom. "As small they can be, forces under your command must be able to secure and protect commerce and individuals, let these be hinterland roads or navigation routes; the Balearic Sea must be the safest waters of the Mediterranean", She strictly determined to the new General. They jointly outlined an improvement plan that settled as prioritary the building of a fast galleys fleet that would perform as coast guards, while funds would be sought alongside to re-create a Marine Infantry regiment to crew the ships. A second priority would be the creation of a future Artillery Academy around the field guns company already existing --funds for making it possible had already been raised by Palma town Municipality.

But Princess Elisenda wouldn't stop there, in Her first week in Majorca. Right after having expressed Her will to visit other significant towns of the island to exchange views with local authorities, She still had time to issue a decree regulating the use of flags --on fortresses, administrative buildings and individuals on land. After some doubts, She finally decided not to alter current practices on sea for the moment. "Better allowing civilian ships to keep fleeing their traditional ensigns, while retaining the Imperial banners too for military vessels", she thought.


Pierre Albanès said...

Great to read about our dear Highness !
Btw is Mireia Perelló still in Majorca ? Not that she is likely to meet a Princess even by accident, but I'm curious ; and now that Elisenda is (hopefully) prevented from living swashbuckling adventures, Mireia and her special talent can reappear to play a modest personal part in the Great Game. :=)

Best wishes to your various projects
Jean-Louis aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

Soldadets said...

Yes Mireia is still living in Majorca --a well earned period of calm and pleasant life ;)

From the point of view if game management, well-defined individuals like Mireia are a best pool of characters for either role-playing or a miniatures setting... so I have for granted she can re-appear again at any moment :)